Changing Smiles

Treatment can be at any age. Be it childhood or youth. There isn’t any age limitation for the orthodontic treatments. The only criterion is the condition and health of the gums and teeth. After all a good smile brings one a pleasant personality and hence enhances one’s self esteem.

Early Treatment

Prevention is better than cure. So is the case with dental problems. Milder problems in childhood are likely to get worsened into severe problems like cross bite, teeth protrusion, misalignment of teeth, spacing between teeth, etc.

It is very important to visit the dentist once in a while. For children the ideal age is 7, so they would be properly examined by the dentist for any jaw problems or misaligned bite problems. The earlier the treatment begins the lesser it would last and easier it would be. The cost of treatment is also greatly reduced as the duration is reduced. The dentist would recommend the treatment from a well qualified and experienced orthodontist in case he isn’t one. It is also very important to seek treatment from an orthodontist instead of a dentist as they would be trained for more than 3 years after dental school for the advanced education in orthodontics.

Subtle problems of both teeth and jaws could be identified and later on proper treatment plans can be revised for the kids by the age of 9 to 14. It is always advised to correct any dental problem during the child’s growing years as it would be easier and would only require minimal amount of work. Also chances of any developing problems could be avoided.

Wearing braces would initially create a discomfort for the child. It is then that the parent should take extra care in the oral hygiene and type of food habits of the child. Softer and mellow food and fruits must be given. Meat and other hard food items must be avoided. Sticky candies and toffees should be kept away from the kid. As time passes the child would be accustomed to the braces. Pain due to any scratch or cold sores by the braces can be relieved using mild pain killers and special dental wax, as advised by the dentist.

Adult Treatment

Modern technology and advanced scientific treatment methods have lead to considerable improvement in the quality of orthodontic treatment. It has increased the comfort and decreased the duration of treatment hence being more widely accepted and followed by both adults and kids alike. Wide variety in types of braces have gained acceptance by adults.

Adults who seek orthodontic treatment are usually those who feel that their smile lacks a charm. They mainly aim at the improvement of the facial appearance in order enhance their self confidence and boost their self esteem. Then there are another group of adults who seek treatment in order to solve their bite or chewing problems. They may opt for therapies related to gums, crowns, bridges or implants. This may be done in conjunction with any kind of special dental treatment plan.

Some people never opted orthodontic treatment because the technology then, was very primitive to solve their problem of malocclusion. Otherwise it may be due the negligence of their parent towards treating dental issues. They may also be unaware of the effect of such a corrective treatment. Such patients opt for braces during their adult age. There are others who come in for the treatment for the second time as they would have already worn the braces when they were younger. But due their unfavorable circumstances or improper use of retainers, they might have experienced their problem once again. This is easily corrected in a very shorter period of time as it’s usually a milder one.

Compared to kids adult orthodontics require a much stricter schedule and proper care as their jaw and teeth growth have been completed. Also there are chances of them having other problems like damage or loss of teeth, numerable fillings, bridges and crowns. Movement of tooth in adults is slower than in children. This may elongate the treatment period.

There isn’t any particular age limit for orthodontic treatment as long as one has a healthy set of gums, jaws and teeth. For adults who are concerned whether wearing braces would hamper their social and personal life, there have been a lot of advanced changes in the treatment plan as well as the type of braces use. Depending upon the interest of the person the braces can be chosen from a wide variety of invisible or clear or ceramic braces. Unlike conventional braces they no longer look awful as wide variety of smaller and very less noticeable kinds of braces are used.

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